Burial Sites

Al Mowarah committee of the Islamic Center of Belmont was able to designate two organizations that can handle the need of Burial Sites for our community. Skylawn Memorial Park is close by and has a designated area for Muslim people. While the second organization is the Five Pillars Farm which has two cemeteries one of them is close by in Hayward. The other cemetery is in Livermore ( about 65 miles from the Belmont center ). The entire Livermore cemetery is for Muslim people only. All the detailed information is listed below, but the pricing is reflecting what they are offering during the preparation of this document and may be changed in the future without any notice.

1. SkyLawn Memorial Park (Garden of Peace )

- Applications  
- Terms and Conditions

2. Five Pillars Farm 

- Applications and Terms
- Direction to Reach the Cemetery
- Letter From the President of  FPF

1.  SkyLawn Memorial Park (Garden of Peace)

Skylawn Memorial Park - Highway 92 at Route 35, San Mateo, CA

Plot ( gravesite )

You can buy a plot through Fiji Jamaat置l Islam of America. See the application and the terms on the following two pages.

Contact Persons at Fiji Jamaat置l Islam

Br. Haji Shamshu Dean

(650) 572-0952   &   (650) 867- 5853

Imam of Fiji Jamaat置l Islam of America

(650) 871-7183

Br. Hady Moidean

Br. Shahif Mohammed

(650) 873-4023

(510) 331-4650

Br. Abdul Shameem

(650) 878-0442

Br. Mohammed Iqbal Khan

(510) 782-4396


The cost for a single plot

$ 2,100.00      ***

 ***  Note:  the price of $ 2,100.00 is limited for the availability of one of  what is  remaining of the old contract. It was 26 grave sites when this document was written  ( July, 2004 ). The new price may reach  $3,600.00 per plot. Contact the Fiji Jamaat置l Islam for the exact price.

Opening and closing the grave

Open and close the gravesite that can be arranged through Sky Lawn Memorial Park.
Contact SkyLawn Memorial Park at this telephone #   (650) 349-4411


Cost including Vault (liner with top Slab), Opening and Closing, and Endowment Fee Through SkyLawn Memorial Park

To buy this service in advance
Call one of these listed advisors:

1-  Jason M. Salvador,    At (650) 870-6025  or  (415 ) 706-4495

2-  Robert M. Robinson, At (650) 870-6026  or  (650 ) 270-9990

3-  Meer Mayel,              At (650) 259-7952  or  (408 ) 720-8072

$ 2,434.35



Fiji Jamaat置l Islam of America (Garden of Peace)

Fiji Jamaat置l Islam of America (Garden of Peace)  
at Skylawn Memorial Park
+ Highway 92 a Route 35 San Mateo, Ca.
Mail to: Post Office Box 5730, South San Francisco, Ca 94080- 5730 Tel: (650) 876-9763


Subject to the conditions stated herein on the reverse side of hereof, all which are expressly made of part of this agreement, Fiji Jamaat置l Islam of America, a California non-profit organization as Seller, agrees to sell and______________________________________ herein after designated as Purchaser, agrees to purchase for interment of human remains of Purchaser, and or designated in accordance with the terms and conditions stated herein; and for no other purpose, space(s) in Fiji Jamaat置l Islam of America described below: (Paragraph six of terms and conditions of pre-need cemetery contract) 

Property Location- Garden of Peace at Skylawn Memorial Park  
Net Price (including endowment care): $2,100.00 for one plot.

(Minimum cash down payment of $500.00 for each plot)

Down payment for (  ) plot(s) $___________, Remaining Balance $_______________.

To pay the TOTAL OF PAYMENTS set forth above in 12   monthly installments. For each plot, eleven payments will be at $135.00 and the last payment will be $115.00. The first installment being payable on ________________________________ and all subsequent installments on the same day of each month.

Purchaser agrees to make all payment herein provided for the scheduled times. All payments are to be made to FIJI at the address of Fiji Jamaat designated below. Time is of the essence of this agreement.

In the event Purchaser fails to make any installment when due, then at the option of the Seller, FIJI may declare the whole sum immediately due and payable. (Paragraph four of terms and conditions of Pre-need cemetery contract on the reverse side)  

The word 善urchaser includes the plural and whenever the masculine gender is used, it shall include both masculine gender and feminine gender.

Purchaser is aware that he is purchasing interment rights only and is not paying for any other services or conditions, such as opening and closing costs, vaults, memorial markers, recording fees, etc.

This contract is subject to all terms and conditions of Skylawn Memorial Park including those on the reverse hereof and purchaser acknowledges that he has read the same.

Please Fill this Portion and Send it to the Address Above

Purchaser痴 Name:__________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________ State:  ______ Zip: ________ Phone:  (____) ______________

Driver痴 License: __________________ SSN #: __________________Contract No.: ______________

Signature:        Purchaser: _______________________________  Date Signed:_________________

FJIA Representative: ____________________________     Date Accepted:___________________


Certificate of ownership to be issued:     (   ) in joint tenancy     (    ) individually


  (    ) Purchasers Copy                                         (    ) FJIA担 Copy  


(Pre- Need Cemetery Contract)

1.   Not later than sixty (60) days after the date of the final payment made by the Purchaser, FJIA will convey the specified interment rights to Purchaser or persons designated herein, with a copy of a certificate of ownership. All payments due under this Agreement shall be in lawful money of the United States and payable at the offices of FJIA. In the event the person to be interred pursuant to this agreement dies before the total of payments has been paid in full, FJIA may in its discretion, declare all remaining sums payable pursuant to this agreement immediately due and payable.

2.   The right of interment in a grave, ( 的nterment Property ) is subject to all existing and future rules and regulations of Fiji Jamat置l Islam of America and Skylawn Memorial Park on file in the offices of FJIA and is available for examination by Purchaser at any reasonable time. Such rules and regulations are incorporated and made part of this agreement as if set forth in full Purchasers shall have the exclusive right to use, the Interment Property as a depository for the human remains of Purchaser. Designation by any person for the use of the interment rights shall be subject to the written approval of FJIA. Remains placed in the Interment Property shall be left in the cemetery in the permanent trust and custody of Skylawn Memorial Park unless other disposition is requested in writing by Purchaser or any person entitled by law. The Interment Property shall be used for the Interment of only one person.

3.   Without the prior written consent of Skylawn Memorial Park and Fiji Jamaat置l Islam of America, no right of possession nor any other rights shall pass to purchaser, and no interment shall be made in the Interment Property nor any memorial placed thereon, until the Total or Payments has been fully paid. In the event such consent is given any interment made in the Interment Property and any memorials placed thereon before the Total of  Payments and other charges are fully paid shall be only temporary, and Purchaser shall not acquire a right of possession or any other rights by reason of said interment or the placing of said memorials.

4.   In the event Purchaser defaults in payment of any installment on said Total of Payments for sixty (60) days after same becomes due and payable, FJIA may in it痴 sole discretion, after ten (10) days notice in writing to the Purchaser, either declare all sums payable pursuant to the terms hereof immediately due and payable and if the sum owing is not paid within ten days terminate and cancel this Agreement. Such notice shall be given either by personal delivery to Purchaser or his legal representative at his last known address as it appears on the records of FJIA, or at any other address requested by Purchaser. In the event this Agreement is terminated, FJIA shall be relieved from obligations under this Agreement. FJIA has no obligation to convey the Interment Property to Purchaser or any other person or to make any deposits into the Endowment Care Fund. FJIA and Purchaser agree that in the event Purchaser痴 default in payment results in the termination of this Agreement, it would be impractical or extremely difficult to fix the actual damages resulting from said default. Accordingly, FJIA and Purchaser further agree that in such event, FJIA may retain, as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, all sums paid by Purchaser under this Agreement.

5.   No assignment, either voluntary or in voluntary may be made of this Agreement without the prior written consent of FJIA and Skylawn Memorial Park. In the event a voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy proceeding is initiated by or on behalf Purchaser, FJIA shall, in addition to other rights and remedies, have the option of returning to Purchaser all monies previously paid by Purchaser and terminating this Agreement.

6.   The Purchaser has been explained and understands that the real Seller of spaces for interment of human remains is Skylawn Memorial Park and the Fiji Jamaat is using its name only so that members buying through the Jamaat will receive substantial reduced rates for said spaces. Consequently, the Purchaser agrees to hold Fiji Jamaat, its officers and Directors harmless and indemnity them from any liability resulting from this transaction of Purchaser through the Jamaat and Skylawn Memorial Park.

7.  In the even the Purchaser who moves out of the state or to a distance where it becomes impractical to use the space or dies and is interred elsewhere, Purchaser agrees to relinquish the interment space back to FJIA either through donation or a repurchase not to exceed the amount of the original purchase.

8.   This Agreement contains and embodies all of the terms and conditions to be performed by Purchaser and FJIA, and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, representations and promises. No supplement, modification or amendment of this Agreement shall be binding unless executed in writing by Purchaser and by an officer of FJIA.

9.  This Agreement shall be binding on the heirs, devises, executors, administrators and assigns of Purchaser and upon the successor and assigns of FJIA. In the event this Agreement is signed by more than one (1) person as Purchaser, the signatories shall be jointly and severally bound and liable for all obligations of a Purchaser under this Agreement.

10.   All payments shall be applied directly to the purchase price of the Property.             

2.  Five Pillars Farm

1761 Laughlin Road, Livermore, CA, 94550

 The five Pillars Farm has two sites

Buying the plot, opening and closing the gravesite will be handled through Five Pillars Farm. See the followings three pages for an application, terms and direction.

Contact Persons

 Contact Person


 Br. Mohammed Zaki

(510) 657- 8397    ( Work )


(510) 796-5674    ( Home )


(510) 517-8397   (Cellular )


(510) 657-8398     ( Fax )

 Br. Sayed I Inamdar  ( President )

(510) 490-2322


Costs (Livermore)

Grave Plot

$ 1,000.00

Cost including Vault (liner with top Slab), Opening and Closing, and Endowment Fee

$ 1,200.00




$ 2,200.00

Costs (Hayward Garden of Noor) 

Grave Plot

$ 2,700.00

Cost including Vault (liner with top Slab), Opening and Closing, and Endowment Fee

$ 1,800.00  To  $ 2,000.00




$ 4,500.00  To  $ 4,700.00


Application and Terms


39675 Cedar Blvd. #140  
Newark, CA 94560

(510) 657 8397- Fax (510) 657 8398  
(510) 490 6321- Fax (510) 490 2322




Name of Organization:___________________________________________________________


Phone #:___________________________________     Fax #:___________________________

Contact Name:________________________________ Phone#:__________________________

Number of Plots needed:____________________

Cost of the Plots: (See schedule below)

Unit cost_____________  X Number of Plots______________  Total $______________
Reservation Advance 20% Total $______________

Enclosed is Check #__________________ dated______________ for $____________________

Note: Please make check payable to Five Pillars Farm, Inc.

Schedule of unit cost: 0-10 Plots  $1000.00 per plot
Block of 25 Plots  $950.00 per plot
Block of 50 Plots  $900.00 per plot
Block of 100 Plots $850.00 per plot

Payment Schedule: Please pay 20% of the total amount with the reservation form. Thereafter payment of 10% of the remaining balance will be due on the 1st of each month for the next (10) months or until paid in full. A 5% penalty will be charged for late payments received after the end of each month.



  39675 Cedar Blvd. #140

Newark, CA 94560


(510) 657 8397- Fax (510) 657 8398

(510) 490 6321- Fax (510) 240 2322








Listed below are the current costs at the Muslim Cemetery at Livermore, CA 94550.

Item #    Description                                                                  Cost
1. Cost of Grave Plot $1000.00
2. Cost of Vault/Concrete liner with top Slab $450.00
3. Cost of opening and closing etc. $600.00
4. Endowment Fee  $150.00




  1. The normal Cemetery hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00 a. m. to 3:00 p.m. in winter and 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. in summer.

  2. There will be a 50% extra cost involved in opening and closing, after the above hours and for Saturdays and Sundays the charges will apply as per Labor Laws.

  3. No burial will take place after Maghrib (Sunset).



Take 580 East 
Take exit called Vasco
Go over the bridge and turn right on the first light Northfront Road
Proceed about ス a mile and take a left on Laughlin Road
Go about 3/4th of a mile
on your right
you will find the entrance (green gate) immediately after the house.                         


Letter from the president of FPF 

Masjid Al Islam- Oakland
Islamic Center of Contra Costa
Bay Area Somali Community, San Jose
Eritrean Muslim Community of N. CA (EMCNC) and All Concerned
From:  Sayed I. Inamdar 
Five Pillars Farm, Inc
Date: 15 June 2001


  1. As you know that the Cemetery is in operation since July 1998, in an effort to serve you better,  improve the services being provided by the Cemetery, your assistance and cooperation is requested. In this context, the Board of Directors has established the, following guidelines except all concerned to comply. Whenever a burial services is required, the Cemetery must be given a (24) hours prior        notification, for making the necessary arrangements, in the regular burial Lot. If any particular lot is required, 36 hours notification will be required and extra charges will be applicable.

    Please Call (510) 657- 8397 or (510) 517- 8397
    ( Mohammed Zaki)

  2. Ensure that sufficient number of persons/relatives (at least six to eight) accompany the Janaza, to facilitate the burial process, in Islamic way.

  3. Once advised, the arrival time at the Cemetery must be met. Overtime charge will apply after half an hour痴 waiting, past the actual time of the arrival given. No burial, 1 hour before sunset. Need special arrangements during weekends and holidays.

  4. As it is an exclusively Muslim Cemetery, please keep in mind that burial services are being provided to the followers of all the four Imams, and who considers the Mohammed (PBUH) of Arabia as the last Prophet of Islam.

  5. Visitation to the gravesite is allowed during daytime. The gates are not locked. Therefore it will be the obligation of the visitor to close all gates before leaving.

Please take note of these guidelines and advise all concerned within your respective areas.      


Sayed I. Inamdar